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How We Work

Manuka Homes is a design based construction company and Registered Master Builders. We will work with you throughout the design process. We will price the building work, project manage the construction and engage all trade and design professionals as needed to complete your future home.

We partner with Aaron Walton Architecture and Design Ltd to ensure there is no mismatch between what is designed and what is delivered.


Step 1 – Deciding on the type of home

Location, size, indicative budget, important features.

A new home is an investment – in terms of your time and passion, as well as the building partner. Clarify your thoughts, find suitable land, and make a list of your “must have” features.

Step 2 –  Concept Design

This will demonstrate what can be built and give you a rough estimate. We each like creating something that is our own. Every site is unique and a concept design shows what is feasible. This is a small investment of $1000, and will solve a lot of problems later!

A concept design includes floor plans, 3D elevations (so you get a great feel for the initial concept), and any research on council requirements, covenants, and an initial bulk/location study to establish the best layout on your section. You are then able to review the concept and make any requests, changes, and comments. The design will be updated as appropriate and signed off. In addition Manuka Homes strongly believes that each person involved should be “on the same page” to ensure everyone is happy with the outcome.

Step 3 – Turning the concept into a developed design

Here is where the real work begins. Once a price for the design work has been agreed upon (depends on size and complexity of your future home, usually $3000-$5000), we are able to turn the concept into a fully developed design.

There is a standard Agreement for Preliminary Work which we use to make sure it is very clear what each party is expecting. This will include any work through to the signing of the Building Contract.

Some tough decisions for you too:

  • Confirm the size and location of rooms/windows etc
  • Agree on the materials and finishes to be used
  • Refine the building design, confirm building structure design philosophy, and engage structural engineer if required
  • Manuka Homes will supply plans, elevations, typ sections, and 3d images, plus a build estimate based on the developed design detail, for your review and approval.

Step 4 – Building Contract Terms

By now we will have enough information about the house, that we should be able to complete most of the details in the Master Builders Residential Building Contract.

We will need to work through these details with you so that we are sure we are delivering your future home as you expect, and that you are comfortable with the way the NZ Law and Master Builders outlines the terms.

Step 6 – Complete the Working Drawings and sign the contract

This important step turns the developed design into the full working drawings, which all the contractors and suppliers need to turn estimates into quotes, and be able to complete any work on the project. Councils also need these drawings in the consent process.

There is a fee of 2% of the estimated build price, and work will be covered by the Preliminary Works Agreement.

Once the working drawings are completed, the building price can confirmed, the Building Contract signed, and work on your future home commenced.

Step 7 – Watch and participate as the building project runs smoothly

We will be full steam ahead to deliver your future home. We will communicate clearly with you, and make sure that you are fully aware of how the project is running. We have a Quality Management Process which minimizes any errors.

Ideally there should be no unforeseen issues, and no changes from the plans already agreed. If there is, we have a sound process for agreeing any variations to the plan – to make sure you are aware and approve of any implications.

Step 8 – Move in and enjoy

Once our work is complete, we follow a process for the handover at Practical Completion, which ensures you have everything you need for the smooth ongoing operation and maintenance of your home. This includes the Master Builders Guarantee – for 10 years peace of mind.

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