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The Manuka is a hardy aromatic tree and is often associated with boutique honey, essential oils and the restful smoke of a Kiwi Bush BBQ.


Like the tree, Manuka Homes is ideally suited to the lifestyle block among the apple orchards, farm or forestry blocks. Or as a refreshing urban space. It’s about pioneering the efficient energies of tomorrow and allowing the families of today to enjoy an eco-friendly yet practical home.

We are firm believers in authentic detailing and traditional, textured materials used in a mix of traditional or contemporary styling. Solar-oriented, super-insulated, energy-efficient, sustainable – are all words you could use to describe the homes we build.

We also don’t shy away from traditionally difficult landscapes such as hillsides.

We believe it is better to listen to how you live (or want to live) and offer designs that complement that. We build homes that people will enjoy living in; not just offer resale value.

We use carpenters who are focused on quality, not quantity. We have a strong, reliable network of contractors and close working relationships with our merchants.

When you choose Manuka Homes you can expect a housing company that actually cares about what it does.

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